Saturday, March 19, 2011

Aqil, a week to 3yrs old.

Poor Aqil having chicken pox. When seeing doctor, he said children has been coming to clinic with chicken pox for past 2 weeks. Asking the nursery, apparently 2 weeks ago, there was a kid had chicken pox. I was sure Aqil had been immunised for varicella at 1 year old like Zaky. Umar had chicken pox at 8 months old, from a visiting friend whom their daughter just recovered. This was in summer 2004! I totally forgot how to deal with chicken pox kid, so i have to ask everything about it from the doctor. Even the receptionist at the clinic just recovered from chicken pox! So it's quarantine time for Aqil, and Mummy! :P Now it's the 4th day and Aqil recovering fast, Alhamdulillah. Only about 2days that he had the blistery 'pots' (Aqil said, "chicken pots!"). Alhamdulillah it's mild and bearable for Aqil. Aqil who's going to be 3 soon likes to talk. Everyday he always talk about lotsa things, especially about his Thomas and friends! and ask funny questions. This is some of his conversations.

- Mummy, "Aqil, do you want to have Thomas's set for your birthday?" Aqil with serious face, "I don't want Thomas sad, I want Thomas happy!"

- Aqil, climbing on the stool to listen to the washing machine closely, "What is happening Mummy?" Mummy, "It's the washing machine, washing up the clothes Aqil" Aqil, "Owwhh" - While having noodles on the breakfast table, Umar was saying that he felt like at the cafe or restaurant and Mummy is the waitress ('r certainly right, it happens everyday, every meal! :P). Then suddenly: Aqil, "Mummy, you have to be careful with my two brothers" Mummy ??? "Why Aqil?" Then Zaky answered, "Because we are ninjas!"LOL

- Aqil,"I wanna watch Emily and the New Coaches" Mummy" (one of his many thomas dvds) Mummy, "ok, but you have to ask Umar to shower first" (it's 7.00pm) Aqil with his serious face and on top of his lung, "Umar! Go sho-wer!" Mummy told him again that he has to say it with please, so he did it again with please. Then he came to me, "Umar doesn't want to shower! I am angry!" (with serious face!) Mummy, "Can you be patient Aqil?" Aqil, "No I don't want to! So I will transform! (Mummy?) I will become bad guy, allergy bad guy!" (Laughing in my heart! coz he was so serious!) our Aqil..funny 'lil boy who's allergy to cow milk/dairies :-)

- Aqil wanted to pray Maghrib with Mummy, putting on his sajadah. He did not follow at all, except 1 al-fatihah. After solat,

Aqil, "I cannot finish the prayer because it's so hard"

Mummy, "U mean the solat?"

Aqil, "Yes..I cannot finish solat. It is hard, the solat"

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